Artist, photographer and filmmaker

To grow in an environment surrounded by art and with a great teacher that had an influence in my personal growth and that was Sergia Noriega who besides being my teacher it’s also my grandmother, she showed me how the artistic world works and that inspired me to follow in her footsteps. I have always been a creative person, art flows through my veins and I cannot really put in words the feeling that I get whenever I start a painting.

A work of art is an artist’s maximum expression and that is why I enjoy so much putting a part of me in each and every one of my creations. I can draw or paint in different art styles or techniques but I really enjoy creating abstract pieces that have a unique flair. The used technique and the color selection are very important to generate a unique feeling in the mind of the art collector.

When come art collectors ask me what is the meaning of a certain work of art I respond to them by saying: “The meaning of it is how the work of art makes you feel and what you see in it as well”. Olga Sinclair, a friend of mine and also a great recognized artist once said: “I like to create my own universes in my abstract pieces, something you cannot touch, something that does not exist but it is still something you see”, this quote inspired to take my works of art to the next level.

My works of art are a window to a secret but bright world with an environment that is always in harmony where its protagonists tell you a story that you will be able to figure out the more you look at the work of art, so the meaning of every work of art is different according to very person’s perspective and the colors and figures put together in the canvass capture your attention. Thanks a lot for your interest in my fine artwork feel free to contact me and I will gladly respond as soon as I can.


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I hope you like it. I really enjoyed working on this painting.

Custom paintings are available upon request. Any subject matter or size can be achieved. All of the paintings on the website can be customized to accommodate any size or color palette. Call us or email us at the previously specified contact information for more detailed information.